The American Road Trip – Driving From Los Angeles To New York

I drove from Los Angeles to New York alone in 20 days! A once in a lifetime road trip between the 2 cities that mix adventure, travelling, timelapsing and filmmaking.

Some cool numbers:

  • 18 US States
  • 3674 Miles / 6000 Kilometers
  • 7 cities
  • 6 cameras
  • 40 hours of footage
  • Too many coffees

The main dashboard camera is the Canon EOS M50 mounted on my windshield with a suction cup mount.

The POV camera is the DJI Osmo Pocket. I shot everything in 4K 60fps to get some nice and smooth slow-motion.

The drone used is the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, with 4K (obviously).

I sometimes recorded in 4K with my iPhone XR. We can’t barely tell what clips are actually from a phone, that’s incredible. Can you tell?

My 2 timelapse cameras are the Canon 5D Mark III and the 5D Mark IV.

After 2 months of editing, the project is finally done. Watch the first episode now!

(Toutes les vidéos sont sous-titrées en français.)

Episode 1

The Episode 2 is here! I am crossing Utah and Colorado and spend some time shooting Denver with some local photographers!

Episode 2

The Episode 3 is probably my favorite, in term of what’s happening, but also editing wise. I spent a few days in Dallas with Timelapse Junkie, aka Jordan. And I probably gained weight…

Episode 3

In the Episode 4, I am meeting up with 2 other timelapse photographers in Atlanta, GA and Raleigh, NC. I am also crossing Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South and North Carolina.

Episode 4

Finally, I reached New York City after almost 3 weeks and 3700 miles on the road…

Episode 5

– Emeric Timelapse

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